Signalövningar för ringar & människor 2022-2023

Music for flute quartet 40f and five steel rings 

Musicians Anna Svensdotter Ann Elkjär Jill Widén Åsa Karlberg 

Supported by the Swedish Art Council and Göteborg Stad

Premiered in Galleri KKP, Sockerbruket Gothenburg Jan 13th 2023

A performance where sound, movement, and collective listening are used as resistance against human destructiveness. A dialouge between the rings and musicians. Where is the movement - what's organic what's static.  Flutists to become like a fixed installation and the rings to act like musicians. 

Five parts: 

I. Trespass

II. Proofreading

III. Intervetion

IV. Metamorphosis

VI. Coda 

Laboration: lonely bird 

For full performance from Sockerbruket, premiere:

Full score:


Pictures from 4th performance at KALVFESTIVALEN, 12 aug 2023 KALV